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Americans with Disabilities Act ADA and glasses.

Finally the Disabled Will Have A Reason To Smile After 18 Years of Waiting

It has been said that politics is founded on something gotten; who gets it, when he gets it, and how he gets it. The disabled remain a group almost marginalized in a sense, until the tabling in parliament and enacting the bill once enacted after a recommendation by a task force appointed and working on orders from the Attorney General. After rising proposed amendments on the same since then, the disabled have been in the dark as other bills are passed!  

The task force that was set to analyze and look into a report by another task force who reached the Kenyans and came up with the nine themes which Kenyans plead for consideration did justice by pointing not only to the bill to amend the constitution but among the bills which this committee considered, was that of 2003, Act. No. 14 of 2003 Lawyer Share for disabilities. 

It would be in line with the issue to mention that the nine areas of concern raised do touch the disabled greatly and that if the recommendations given are taken into consideration, this group which constitutes a good number from the villages to towns, would finally have a reason to smile again. The nine areas include Responsibilities and rights, safety and security, Ethnic fights and competition, National Ethos lack, Devolution, Matters on Election, Corruption and shared prosperity, and Inclusivity which points to the rights of the People Living With Disabilities. 

What  the task force did in favor of those with a disability is their coming up with and recommending for consideration the following bills; 

  1. Micro and Small Enterprises bill of 2020 

This bill purposes to elevate and support the youth in their small businesses and also goes on to point to the people with disability as equally, if not the more apt to consideration by the government! This would mean that if one is disabled, and rightly so, the Government will be able to aid in a way suitable for them. 


  1. County Wards Development Fund bill of 2020 

Under this bill, the introduction of funds to County wards will in its best cover all persons and this would not set aside those less privileged. 


  1. Health Amendment bill of 2020 

The Government will have strategies and funds to assist and ensure the health of the people. The people with disability are by law entitled therefore to this benefit. 


  1. The contribution to the Charity bill. 

There have been a lot of issues concerning people raising funds unlawfully while others truly eligible by disability or life’s misfortunes are hindered or unaware of what they would make of life! The task force in pointing to this bill highly favors the disabled in that through the provision of ways to identify those worth for such contributions, the Disabled in the society would profit. 


  1. The Person with Disability Act. No. 14 of 2003 

Finally and not least, the task force brought to light what has been kept in the dark for ages! Eighteen years without an issue of such importance being addressed means neglect or worse, marginalization of those depending on the address of such an issue. Since 2003, when the mentioned recommendation of 2003 was noted and enacted through the Attorney General, other proposals have bored no fruit! It is a shame considering what other bills, considerably minor to this, were addressed and enacted and most likely re amended for the better! 


The disabled therefore can now smile in this new dawn when what they have all the while been waiting for, including a council in the favor and availability of a certain percentage of them in the leadership, is coming to fruition.