8 Best Items Accepted at Pawnshops

When you need that quick cash, pawning some of your valuables at pawnshops may be the way to go. It is also possible to come across an item that you have been looking for and could not find elsewhere. Knowing what to pawn can help you get that money quickly and in the required amounts.  



This is the act of exchanging a valuable personal item for a short-term loan from a lending shop. The item is held under contract for a specified period until the loan is repaid. Failure to repay the loan means that the pawnbroker is free to sell your item to anyone else who wants it, at a price of their choice. It is important to determine whether you need cash from pawnshops or more established formal financial institutions.   


Best Pawn Shop Items  

Some items that can give you more cash than others because of their perceived inherent value. Below are items that will extend you more money.  


  1. Jewelry  

This can be in the form of silver, gold, iridium, or other precious metals. You will want to pawn these as they appreciate over time. This means that you can get more money for them. They are loved by pawnshops because they appreciate over time, giving them a better resale value.  


  1. Gemstones  

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other gemstones will also fetch you a good penny. They are rare and appreciate with time.   


  1. Electronics  

Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, digital cameras, watches top the list here, especially when you accompany them with the charger, cord, and owner’s manual. The brand also matters to pawnshops, especially if you are selling to them, and not getting a loan. They have to be able to resell the items at a good price.  


  1. Video Game Consoles  

As new games come into the market, you can sell off your old video game consoles to pawnshops. The number of online video players is increasing daily, making this a quick and valuable sale.  


  1. Power Tools  

These have consistently achieved good resale in the market. For all those do-it-yourself projects, pawnshops can provide all the needed tools and equipment.    


  1. Sporting Equipment  

You can pawn sports equipment that is no longer in use but is still in good working condition. This includes old bicycles, gym equipment, or even golf clubs and skis. You will get your money from the pawnshop, and a sports enthusiast will be happy to get affordable equipment.   


  1. Collectible Coins and Currency  

Coins and currency that are now rare will fetch you a handsome amount of money when you need it. They are more valuable than their face value. For example, coins printed in the last century and are no longer in use are either made of silver, gold, or copper. Just having one of these can get you a pretty sum in exchange.  


  1. Antiques and Other Collectibles  

Some people would love to have your old comics, furniture, stamps, etc. but are not able to get to you. By selling these items to pawnshops, you fund your activities, and they get items that they value.  


Overall, you can pawn almost anything. Different pawnshops may stock slightly different items, but with a little research and legwork, you should be able to sell your items and find any item that you need from one of the shops shops for pawn near me.   

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