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May 2017

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The risks that these surgeries typically come with tend to fall into two broad categories. They include nuisance risk and vision loss risk.

It has been found that it is very rare for one to lose their vision after undergoing a laser surgery like EPI Lasik. However, in some very rare cases, this may occur especially if the necessary guidelines were not followed to the letter. There are two other ways in which one can still end up losing their vision. They include:

  • Progressive corneal warpage also knew as ectasia. This is the condition whereby the cornea of a given patient starts to warp in very odd directions which are what leads to loss of vision. When this happens, one may need to have a cornea transplant to be carried out. It is still important to note that this kind of condition is mostly common in those patients whose corneal shapes are abnormal. This is why it is safe to say that this situation may already be existing long before the EPI Lasik procedure is carried out. Due to this, before your surgeon recommends that you undergo an EPI Lasik, he or she is first going to screen all your corneas so that if there is any irregularity, it can be identified.
  • Infection. Since during the Lasik procedure there have to cut that are made on the eye, it is very likely that bacteria could be able to gain access to the already healing corneal tissue and bring about an infection. Scarring from such an infection that may be caused by the bacteria may end up leading to vision loss. However, this may be uncommon considering that you can make use of powerful antibiotics which can be used after the surgery has been completed to prevent such an infection from occurring.

The other types of risks that you may be prone to when you decide to go for epi-LASIK surgeons in Singapore like EPI Lasik do not bring about vision loss. Rather, what these type of risks produce is what is known as nuisance problems that may not have been there before the surgery was performed. Some of these pest problems include the following:

  • Having a dry eye

Almost everyone who has had a laser surgery done to their eyes has suffered from eye dryness whereby you may be feeling itchy and scratchy.

  • Night vision symptoms

Some patients may begin to notice that their night vision after the surgery has been completed is different from how it was before. One may experience glare, halos, and difficulty when trying to see in a dark area.

  • Corneal haze
  • Enhancements